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Yo Soy…Jism?

May 09, 2010 By: admin Category: Food News

We at News to Chew are lactose intolerant, so we consume soy milk out of necessity. I mean, how else are we to enjoy our Cap’n Crunch and grande lattes every morning? So, it amused us to no end when we came across the recent faux pas/Freudian slip from Fox 5 anchor Rosanna Scotto in her ad lib to come up with another name for soy milk during her Good Morning New York broadcast.

OK, seems there’s some talk allowing the word “milk” to be associated with an animal’s lactating excretion (i.e. cow’s, goat’s, mother’s), so soy milk needs another identifier. And as only can be found on local news, the banter between anchors was at once embarrassing and hilarious.

As co-anchor Greg Kelly suggest changing the name to “soy juice,” Scotto blurts out, “or soy jism!” Now, as all men, Penthouse Forum readers, or Howard Stern fans know, jism is a common slang for ejaculate. What makes the impromptu verbal ejaculation so amusing is that it came (pun intended) not from the male, but from the female in the group. And the fact that Kelly’s suggestion or the word juice prompted Scotto’s retort of “jism!

Hmmm…could it be that Scotto often uses the word in her bedroom banter? Naughty, naughty girl! At the same time, we can’t promise the next time we order up a coffee drink we wont let slip to order a grande latte with a shot of soy jism. Thanks a lot, Rosanna.

Just some news to chew on.

Check it out for yourself below.