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Bacon Bookmarks Makes for Tasty Reading

September 28, 2009 By: admin Category: Food News

At News to Chew, we are of the thinking that bacon makes anything better. And we are proven once again to be right from this report in Britain’s the Argus: A rasher of bacon was found in a returned book to a library in Worthing by a librarian. The lender had the will power to use a slice to hold his or her place in the book, but apparently had to return the book before finishing – both the bacon and the book.

Now, it seems using bacon as a bookmark isn’t all that unusual – there seems to be a website devoted to the odd items people use to mark their place in their books. As Laine Farley writes:

The list of found items ranges from expected objects like tickets, letters, grocery lists, bobby pins, photos and money to more unusual items such as bullets, condoms and a laminated cockroach. A recurring theme is finding a slice of bacon, sometimes cooked, sometimes raw. In one case it was described as “book jerky” because it had been in the book so long.

News alert: we never knew a slice of bacon is actually called a rasher. See? Bacon makes you smarter, too!

Just some news to chew on.