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Deep Fried Butter – and a Side of Angioplasty

September 08, 2009 By: admin Category: Food News

Now, we at News to Chew are not averse to obscenely unhealthy fried foods (topped with bacon, at that). But when we heard about this from one of our NTC stringers, well, we grabbed our chest in anticipatory pain. Because the thought of eating deep-fried butter is just…wrong.

Our friends at Slashfood.com tracked down the purveyor, deep-fried state fair maestro Albert Gonzales:

Gonzales, who has twice won top honors in the State Fair of Texas’ annual contest for best new midway food, is back this year with deep-fried butter, a dish that’s drawing gasps from even the most hard-arteried eaters. The snack will go up against fried peanut-butter-cup macaroons, deep-fried peaches and cream, fried stuffed peppers and fried pork chips with gravy for the Big Tex crown this Monday.

And it comes in four flavors.

Ya, that’s right, four flavors of deep fried butter: original, garlic, cherry and grape. According to Slashfood, Gonzales wraps butter in dough before frying, so the finished product resembles an especially greasy biscuit.

“It’s similar to having a dinner roll with a lot of butter,” Gooding says. “It’s very good.”

Well, OK. It can’t be any worse than the Krispy Kreme deep fried chicken sandwich, right? Right? We’ll just be ready to dial 911 after we try it.

But we draw the line at deep-fried bacon fat. Really, we do.

Just some news to chew on.