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News to Chew | About Us

News to Chew

Taking a bite out of the world of food and food news

About Us

Blame it on the self-proclaimed foodies. Or the Food Network. Or the Internet and food blogs and Facebook. Or the nimrod who coined the phrase “food porn.” Or from watching Jon Stewart puncture the news world each night. In any case, we saw a void to fill.

News to Chew is an irreverent look at the world of food, skewering all things pretentious, average, great, lousy, absurd, or just plain weird when it comes to the food industry. Sometimes satiric, often ironic, generally sarcastic -  mind you, the stuff you’ll read here is all true.

Heck, we can’t make up half the things that the food, beverage and restaurant industries come up with. We just want to put it into the context of “Just because someone came up with the idea doesn’t make it especially food-worthy. Or worse, Food Network-worthy.”

Family recipes, waxing poetic about a gastronomic discovery, passionate ruminations about the trip to Tuscany – ain’t none of that you’re gonna find here at News to Chew. Oh, sure, we like food as much as anyone else – we like good food more than bad food, too.

Food is fun, and it’s even better to make fun of it. Especially when people get all serious or hyperventilated. There are plenty of those kinds of  Web sites and blogs out there – many of them we like a lot. But our job is to slam the oven door and deflate the souffle just a bit.

In the end, it’s just food. So, we’ll find the headline, check out the story, add a dollop of sass, a pinch of snark, skewer it, grill it, and serve it up hot (or maybe sometimes lukewarm) with a bit of a bite. And leave you with a satisfied smile.

Just like a good meal.
I. Figuracion
The News to Chew Editor