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News to Chew: Misspellings Tak…

October 19, 2009 By: admin Category: Via Twitter

News to Chew: Misspellings Take the Cake http://newstochew.com/?p=356

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A Slurpee and Some Chicken Wings – Yeah, Baby!

October 19, 2009 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Oh, thank heaven for 7-Eleven. The News to Chew staff is a big fan of 7-Eleven stores. They are like a beacon of light to a growling stomach and a parched mouth at anytime of the day. I mean, come on – the Slurpee, Big Gulp, not-too-bad coffee, donuts, taquitos, hot dogs, sandwiches and sushi. Oh, yeah, and don’t forget 7-Eleven’s bread-and-butter, cigarettes. 7-Eleven rocks! How can you not go into one and come out with something to nosh?

Well, we got word of more awesomeness recently: your local purveyor will soon be offering up chicken wings and pizza to go with that cherry/cola/pina colada Slurpee that you love mixing together. According to the Dallas Morning News, 7-Eleven is expanding its hot foods program to add items such as pepperoni pizza and chicken wings to 115 Dallas-area stores. The program is part of a nationwide rollout that is bringing ovens made by Carrollton’s TurboChef Technologies to 1,400 7-Eleven stores this year.

Stores with the new hot food program will be able to serve items such as four-cheese and pepperoni pizza (whole or by the slice), white-meat chicken tenders and three varieties of chicken wings – spicy, breaded; Asian; and barbecue.

Apparently, 7-Eleven feels hot food, and not smokes, is where the future growth lies. And one day, we’ll reminisce wistfully of the days when a bag of Corn Nuts and a stick of Slim Jim suffice for nourishment. Oh, well – you can’t stop progress.

Just some news to chew on.

Misspellings take the cake

October 17, 2009 By: admin Category: Food News

We came across this New York Times article recently about how no matter how pretty a bakery cake can look, its sentiment can get completely ruined with pastry misspellings. Oh, you know you’ve seen them – the first birthday cake spelled “Frist.” Stuff like that.

More importantly, the article pointed out a popular blog, Cake Wrecks by Jen Yates, that documents cake disasters from your bakery around the corner. We’re talking Cake Boss gone to hell. We check out Cake Wrecks and came away chuckling – not only were many of these “designs” of dubious merit, but we especially love the narrative supplied to the pictures. It’s right up our snarky alley, indeed.

But back to the NYT article – gotta love this one:

Best Wishes Suzanne

Under Neat that

We will Miss you

Reminds us of that old joke: “Repeat after me. ‘I (your name) …’” and then you repeat “your name” instead of saying your name. Better yet:

When a customer brought in a USB flash drive and asked a bakery to print out a digital picture from it to use on a cake for an office party, the baker instead made an edible version of the flash drive itself. A picture of the resulting cake, accurately frosted in silver and black, is probably the most forwarded image on the blog. (see image above)

No shit. And until they invent a pastry icing bag with spell check (Hmmm? Light bulb moment?), it looks like Jen Yates at Cake Wrecks is never going to be at a loss for fodder.

Just some news to chew on.

Starbucks: Try Our Coffee, It Tastes Just Like Instant

October 05, 2009 By: admin Category: Food News

BOOKMAN: Who doesn’t have instant coffee?
JERRY: I don’t.
BOOKMAN: You buy a jar of Folger’s Crystals, you put it in the cupboard, you forget about it. Then later on when you need it, it’s there. It lasts forever. It’s freeze-dried. Freeze-dried Crystals.

There’s some sort of irony or something going on here. You know, Starbucks – it of the McDonald’s-like ubiquity – conditions the world that so-so, overpriced brewed coffee is something we can’t live without. So when SB came out last week with their (heavily advertised) VIA instant coffee, it struck the News to Chew news desk as, well, weird.

C’mon. Instant coffee? From Starbucks?

That’s like saying, “Ya know, we’ve branded ourselves as the best coffee around, but we’ve expanded and overexposed ourselves to the point of mediocrity so we’re going to pull back your expectations with this new product we have – instant coffee.”

I mean, my parents drink instant coffee – a product of their generation. And they’re in their 80s. So, Starbucks is taking on Taster’s Choice or Nescafe? Maybe it’s a brilliant marketing strategy – they’re closing outlets everywhere, so now they’re entering a more dormant revenue stream.

Now, the Starbucks advertising and hype is saying you can’t taste the difference between VIA and their fresh-brewed coffee. So NTC decided to give it a try. And the verdict? Not bad, actually. In fact, it was better then the fresh brewed you’ll get at certain times of the day at Starbucks. It might be worth keeping a few packs in the cupboard at work or home.

Who knows? Maybe instant will be the new coffee trend? And then Folgers Crystals will be the new hipster anti-VIA coffee?

Just some news to chew on.