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Where’s the beef? It’s in KFC’s grilled chicken!

June 15, 2009 By: admin Category: Food News

Amid the media blitz touting its new grilled chicken – including the blessing of her highness, Oprah – KFC was staking its claim to offering a healthy alternative to its artery clogging menu of finger-licking goodness. Grilled chicken always seems like a good thing, right?

Well, it seems there’s a bit more flavor to the chicken than the secret blend of herbs and spices that the mouth-watering advertisements pitch: beef. Or beef powder and rendered beef fat, to be exact. And one competing restaurant chain isn’t taking this discovery lightly.

El Pollo Loco has a beef with KFC’s chicken and is taking aim in its TV commercials. According to the LA Times, the Southern California chain learned that KFC was using beef thanks to a customer’s tweet to El Pollo Loco’s Twitter account.

“The use of beef ingredients in grilled chicken just seems wrong to me, and we believe most consumers would agree,” said Steve Carley, chief executive of El Pollo Loco. In one television commercial, Carley stands in a cow pasture and talks about a “fun fact” concerning KFC’s grilled chicken, then discloses the beef ingredients.

El Pollo Loco chicken is marinated in herbs, spices and fruit juices and is grilled over an open flame. Apparently, KFC’s grilled chicken is cooked in an oven, with the oven racks providing the “grilled” representation.

Whether El Pollo Loco’s campaign helps itself and hurts KFC. We at News to Chew doubt it, though. Never underestimate the power of beef flavoring. Remember, not too long ago it was revealed that McDonald’s french fries where glazed with rendered beef fat, too. And we know how good those suckers are.

And if you can make chicken taste more like beef, then we’re all for it.

Just some news to chew on.